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Founder, Britney Wior has carved her own notch within the design world

as a curator of liveable beauty. With a unique understanding, Taupe Haus Design Studio seamlessly balances beauty with practicality -

creating a textured, warm environment without compromising the feeling of home. 

This individualized approach breathes space into each project for unique conceptualization.  

Our mission is to create a meaningful space that captures your individual style,

creating a uniquely layered space to call your home. 


We believe that we are the editor of your home, and our clients are the story.

A native Angeleno, Britney moved north to San Francisco to attend

The Art Institute where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. 

A rich background working in varied environments as Design Director at JSN Studio and

Project Manager at AD 100 Romanek Design.  Taupe Haus is the culmination

of fifteen years of design experience inspired by the relaxed California style. 

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